Man left mortified by group text blunder while trying to ask out Bumble date

So as the rules begin to relax, it’s understandable that frustrated singles might be looking to cast a pretty wide net in a bid to bag themselves a date.

Enter a man known only as British Will. Poor Will, who appears to lives in New York, decided to reignite some old dating app flames now that he has returned to the city still single and very much ready to mingle.

Looking to utilise every ounce of his British charm, Will sent out a stock message to 14 women who had previously missed the opportunity for a real life date to put the offer back on the table – but accidentally sent it to them all in one mortifying group chat by accident. And it’s fair to say they absolutely tore him apart.

In hilarious screenshots shared on social media, he writes: “Hey stranger! We matched on Bumble last year but didn’t meet due to COVID. I just arrived back in the city and was wondering if you’re still single!? (British Will!).”

But British Will’s heart must have dropped the moment he pressed send, to quickly be faced a reply reading: “Ew did you just text 14 girls at once. Goodbye sir” – and it really went downhill from there.

The women joined forces, with one inviting all the others to enjoy her rooftop during ‘hot girl summer’ which would be “more fun than dating this loser”, as another says that the accidental group is “the best thing she has ever been a part of”.

It got worse for British Will, as one member of the group revealed: “Also I went on a date with him, and he def catfished… just FYI” as another replied: “OMG same! HUGE catfish.”

British Will sheepishly removed himself from the group, which they brilliantly renamed ‘British Wills angels’, before the women begin to make plans for a meet up and thank Will for bringing them all together.

The post went viral on Instagram, racking up more than 83,000 likes, as other women took to the comments to beg to be added to the group chat.

One said: “I love how women can become friends under awkward circumstances. Bathroom line, mutual hate for someone…”

And a second wrote: “Strike 1 before the accidental group chat was thinking being British is a personality trait.”