Woman discovers set of rules her boyfriend’s mum makes for anyone dating her son

Dating can be tricky at the best of times, but once you introduce parents and in-laws into the equation, it has the potential to get a whole lot messier.

This is something which one girl has found out for herself, thanks to her boyfriend’s mum making a series of ‘creepy’ jabs at her on social media.

Emma, who goes by the name of hotgirlsareswifties on TikTok, took to the app to share a list of rules her in-law posted on Instagram, which apply to anyone “dating my son.”

She shared the list with Puddle of Mudd’s She F***ing Hates Me playing in the background, and honestly, it sounds like she probably does hate you, Emma.

The mum’s list makes a number of overt threats that she could “make [Emma] go away,” or anyone else who dates her son, for that matter, if she breaks any of the rules set out by the parent.

“If you show up at my house looking like a stripper, I will make you go away,” one rule reads, while another says: “He’s a mama’s boy. Unless you have a ring on your finger, your opinion does not matter.”

Meanwhile, the list goes on to say that if she finds any ‘sexts’ on her son’s phone she will… yep, you guessed it, “make you go away.”

Elsewhere on the seemingly never ending list of rules, it says: “You are not in charge of him and it is not up to you to change him.”

“He is a gentleman, I taught him that,” it continues. “You better act like a lady and deserve that.”

But, perhaps the creepiest threat of them all reads: “I know how to avoid jail.” Yep, we told you they were threats.

Since sharing the clip to TikTok, Emma has been inundated with comments from other TikTok users who have slammed the mum as ‘creepy’ for her attitude towards her son’s love life.

“Girl, she is definitely going to wear white to your wedding,” one TikToker commented, while another added: “I’m so sorry you have to put up with that, sis.”

Meanwhile, others urged Emma to dump her boyfriend, insisting it “only gets worse from here.”