Prayer List

Maxim Melton born with a half of heart had another successful heart surgery

Cathy Ginther no surgery needed!

Dave & Cathy Ginther will be new great-grandparents in July.

Prayer List

All of our Missionaries:
Mexico, Jerri Handy; Fiji, Nikeotemo Sopepa; Philippines, Eleazar Fernandez; Greece, Kearstin Bailey Republic of Ecudaor, Marilyn Cooper; Republic of Indonesia, John Campbell Nelson; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Thailand, Danielle Lee; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Lebanon, Maria Bakalian; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ecuador, Mary Kathryn Ball; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Ghana, Larry & Deborah Colvin; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Nick Leslie 1/20 sepsis, not doing well; by Judy Musgrave Musgrave

Alex Lease 1/20 doing well after back surgery, will have a month down time; daughter of Trinity & Dave Lease

Joyce Hardesty 1/20 failing heart, external heart pump; by Letty McKee

Ellen Jana 1/20 stroke

Catherine Hiatt 1/20 breast cancer

Kathy G 1/20 (not Cathy Ginther) waiting for double lung transplant; by Lori Shewman

Rosalee Sutton 1/20 stroke, back at Hickory Creek, small improvement; sister of Edna Bedford

John Dunn 1/9 had facial cancer removal surgery, doing well. Still struggling with liver failure; by Susan Dunn

Karen Prisco 1/7 fell and broke her leg; by Judy Musgrave

Lance Musgrave 1/6 eye floaters returning; by Judy Musgrave

Joyce Reffitt 1/6 back surgery; by Allen Glassburn

Paul Shirley 1/6 APL leukemia, 30 days treatment in hospital; by Letty McKee

Kay Payne 1/6 home, continued heart & health issues; by Gayle Rodriguez

Mark Olinger 12/30 improving, hope to be walking by March on prosthetic leg; son of Mary Barnett

Kathy Quinlan 12/23 breast cancer surgery 1/17; mother of Lori Simpson

Chad Hooker 12/23 struggling family issues further devastated by wife's death; brother of Brett Hooker

Jim Borgle 12/23 sepsis; by Susan Dunn

April Pope 12/20 chemo, prayers for health; stepmother of Jennifer Hughey

Melissa Thomas 12/16 struggling with cancer; by Doug Miller

Jan Houlihan 12/14 home after colon surgery, prayers for healing

Doris Wilber 12/13 fell & broke her good leg and is now in cast in FL; by Bob Gottschalk

Tara Seuferer 12/9 radiation; by Judy Evans

Pat Clary 12/9 eye pressure holding steady, will be a long recovery

Mary Margaret Neff 12/9 health concerns

Alan Wilson 12/2 prayers for wife's kidney donation to be approved; grandson of Dick & Helen Enyart

William Miller 11/18 late stage of ALS; uncle of Bill Miller

Vicki McIntire 11/11 stopping cancer treatments, Hospice; by Amanda Hooker

Teri Bowers 11/11 cancer, needed to change medication; daughter- in-law of Loie Bowers

Donna Bennett 10/28 lung cancer; in rehab center; mother of Stacey Harsh

Darla Clary 10/17 pancreatic cancer has spread; niece of Pat Clary

Lisa Martin 9/23 bladder cancer; great niece of Judy Musgrave

Chloeann Choate 7/19 continuing challenges of cancer