Prayer List

Thanks to all for the prayers for our trip. Frank & Chloeann Choate

Daniel Abbott home after scoliosis surgery.

Prayer List

All of our Missionaries:
Mexico, Cindy Moraga; Fiji, Nikeotemo Sopepa; Philippines, Eleazar Fernandez; Greece, Kearstin Bailey Republic of Ecudaor, Marilyn Cooper; Republic of Indonesia, John Campbell-Nelson; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Thailand, Anne Gregory; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Lebanon, Nishan Bakalian; Lesotho, Daniele Murry-Knowles; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ecuador, Mary Kathryn Ball; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Ghana, Deborah Colvin; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; Sierra Leone, Nia Sullivan; Nicaragua, Ignacio Salinas; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Israel/Palestine, Victor Makari; East Timor, Tom Liddle; Zambia, Charon Breckenridge; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph; Japan, Martha Mensendiek; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Micronesia, Rosie Mcardle; El Salvador, Violeta Rocha; Venezuela, Carmelo Alverez

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Donny Turnipseed 10/13 cardiac catheterization on heart 10/17; sister of Bill Miller

Kendra Fuentes 10/13 ammonia levels are high due to her liver not functioning properly; Judy Miller

Megan Cripe 10/13 4 spots removed, benign; by Cathy Ginther

Kaleigh Richardson 10/13 surgery for pituitary gland tumor being removed 10/14; niece of Nancy Clay

Lance Musgrave 10/13 hip problems, aortic valve is leaking; by Judy Musgrave

Betty Madden 10/13 new cancer treatments, breathing issues; by Alan Glassburn

Kara Choate 10/13 internal issues; daughter of Frank Choate

Helen Whitfield thankful for traveling mercies and continued prayers for nieces family.

Alan Wilson 10/9 back in hospital with raised creatinine numbers in new kidney, G-son of Dick & Helen Enyart

Bill Ovegersen 10/6 kidney cancer, awaiting new treatment plan; by Jennifer Hughey

Kelly Ortman's sister 10/6 was a verge of going on kidney dialysis and kidney function improved. Prayers for continued kidney progress.

Mary Kay Roberts 10/2 outpatient breast cancer surgery 10/1 waiting for report

Rylyn Hartman 9/29 13 years old with blood pressure dropping, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia: great granddaughter of Edna Bedford

Bill Hoffman 9/29 cancer, lives in FL; brother of Pat Clary

Elsie Strasser 9/29 fell and broke collar bone; By Judy Evans

Bill Hoffman 9/29 cancer, lives in FL; brother of Pat Clary

Elsie Strasser 9/29 fell and broke collar bone; By Judy Evans

Kathy Jacobson 9/22 migraines, has mass; by Sandra Hoffarth

Stacy Rodriguez 9/22 shingles; by Gayle Rodriguez

Grey Lawson 9/19 work accident, recovery setbacks; by Amanda Hooker

Madison Musgrave 9/15 labral cartilage tear; by Judy Musgrave

Zac Gottschalk 9/15 hip surgery, will be off work 3 months; grandson of Bob & Elaine Gottschalk

Kaden Hazen 9/15 finished 4th round of chemo, pray for healing of after affects, CT scan soon; by Nancy Waggoner

Shayley Strasser 9/1 brain tumor, continued prayers; by Angie Miller

Teri Bowers 8/8 new cancer treatments; daughter-in-law of Loie Bowers

Chloeann Choate 8/8 new medication continues to reduce cancer numbers.