Prayer List

Betty Vance's grandson and FFA Team did well at Nationals.

Prayer List

All of our Missionaries:
Mexico, Elena Huegel; Fiji, Nikeotemo Sopepa; Philippines, Eleazar Fernandez; Greece, Kearstin Bailey Republic of Ecudaor, Marilyn Cooper; Republic of Indonesia, Karen Campbell Nelson; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Thailand, Anne Gregory; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Lebanon, Nishan Bakalian; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ecuador, Mary Kathryn Ball; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Ghana, Deborah Colvin; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; Sierra Leone, Nia Sullivan; Nicaragua, Jeanette Salley; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Israel/Palestine, Sara Makari; East Timor, Monica Riddle

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Elayna Blacketor 5/12 shingles; 11 yr old granddaughter of Letty McKee

Nick Leslie 5/12 hospitalized, on list for liver-intestinal transplant, off ventilator; by Judy Musgrave

William Miller 5/12 bedridden, on oxygen; Uncle of Bill Miller

Derek Groehler 5/12 military being sent overseas; by Sandy Campbell

The Family of Darla Clary Martens who died 5/9; niece of Pat Clary

Doris Wilber 5/9 home, rehab for foot

The family of Ronald Spaulding who died 5/5; father of Brody Evans

The Family of David Hale who died 5/4; brother of Lois Hammel

Mary Rock 5/5 stroke, moved to Millers Merry Manor; sister of Helen Enyart

Dorothy Richter 5/5 ill; by Nancy Clay

Donald Blacketor 5/5 hospital, mini strokes; Uncle of Becki Gray

Margaret Bryant 5/5 home, after unscheduled colon surgery

Brian Eisenbise 5/5 home from hospital still struggling with medication; by Judy Musgrave

Linda Wiles 4/30 prayers for discernment in medical possibilities

Marty Houlihan 4/30 gallbladder surgery 5/28; by Jan Houlihan

Shayley Strasser 4/7 brain tumor, had surgery, Caston student; by Angie Miller

The Family of Tom Lutz; by Susan Dunn

Sharon Carter 4/28 MRI waiting for results; by Allen Glassburn

Roxann Murphy 4/25 home, prayers for healing

Betty Madden 4/21 cancer, new medication instead of experimental treatment; by Allen Glassburn

Grandpa Allen 4/21 foot infection; by Shelby Allen

Pastor Don Funk 4/21 back surgery; son-in-law of Sandra Campbell

Mark Olinger 4/14 has prostatic leg, therapy; son of Mary Barnett

Abbe Blacketor 4/10 home with 24 hour care, 3/4 pancreas dead; cousin of Becki Gray

Pat Clary 4/7 eye pressure is holding steady and stiches removed

Teri Bowers 3/27 cancer, treatments; daughter-in-law of Loie Bowers

Sandra Hoffarth 2/25 hoping to move toward adoption process

Sandy Denton 3/22 ovarian cancer, chemo; by Sandra Hoffarth

Cathie Renkenberger 3/10 non-Hodkins Lymphoma, 2nd round of chemo; by Judy Musgrave

Chloeann Choate 3/10 pet scan revealed 2 new cancer spots

Alan Wilson 2/13 prayers for wife's kidney donation to be approved; grandson of Dick & Helen Enyart

Paula McKinney 2/3 liver cancer moved to blood stream; mother-in-law of Sandra Hoffarth