Prayer List

Emma Steward home after successful heart valve replacement surgery; granddaughter of Dee Van Winkle

Ted Waggoner celebrating with 34 graduates of Christian Theological Seminary. Blessing their walk as church leaders and pastors.

Jim Wilber is out of the hospital in Florida and doing well.

Congratulations to Bill & Lori Shewman, as they welcome their newest granddaughter!

Daniel Miller graduated with his law degree from IU McKinney School of Law!!

Prayer List

All of our Mission Co-Workers:
All Africa, Bosela Eale; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; East Timor, Tom & Monica Liddle; Ecuador, Dustin Riebel; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ghana, Larry & Debbie Colvin; Greece, Fiyori Kidane; Guatamala, Ricardo Mayol; Haiti, Michelle McKay; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Indonesia, Karen Campbell-Nelson; Israel/Palestine, Victor & Sara Makari and Jeff & Janet Wright; Italy, Fiona Kendall; Jamaica, Rachel S. Pellett; Japan, Abigail Hernandez; Kenya, Bosela Eale; Lebanon, Leda Zararison; Lesotho, Danielle Knowles; Mexico, Carlos Sediles-Real; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph & Emmanuela Loccident; Nicaragua, Jeanette Salley; Puerto Rico, Raul F. Santiago Rivera; Swaziland, Kahala Cannon; Thailand, Anne Gregory;

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Prayers that we will be able to have our adoption hearing in court and not over the phone; by Sandra Hoffarth

Jace Hoppes 5/17 lives in Minneapolis, job is essential, 2 co-workers with Covid, stressful work environment; son of Chloeann Choate

Linda Miller 5/17breathing issues, not moving much, going non-verbal; mother of Bill Miller

Students & Staff 5/17 as schools wrap up their first extended remote learning experience; by Angie Miller

7 year old nephew of Michelle Olson 5/17 died in auto accident, prayers for family; by Susan Dunn

Jennie Overmyer 5/17 coronavirus, shingles, & pericarditis (inflammation of the sack around the heart); granddaughter of Linda & Marvin Overmyer

Dr. James Koachek 5/17 had surgery to remove cancerous kidney; by Judy Musgrave

Klaus Raabe 5/17 home after hospitalization from coronavirus, in Germany, father of foreign exchange student Oliver; by Judy Musgrave

Karen Prisco 5/17 home from rehab, weakness in legs, depression, prayers for strength: by Judy Musgrave

Rev Lori Neff 5/17 home in isolation with coronavirus, daughter of Roger & Mary Neff

Jacque Douglas 5/10 gallbladder surgery 5/12 at Woodlawn Hospital; by Patrick McTaggart

Little Lambs 5/10 continued prayers for safety as community opens up and more children return; by Erin Owens

Bella Simpson 5/10 1st pre-surgery cardiologist visit this wk, Heart surgery 6/12 at Riley Hospital; granddaughter of Lori Simpson

Richard VanDuyne 5/10 seeing surgeon this week for open heart surgery; by Joyce Mikesell

Korigan Gibbons 4/26 stomach issues, waiting for further tests; granddaughter of Sandra Gibbons

Paula McKinney 4/26 jaundice due to liver cancer; MIL of Sandra Hoffarth

Bette & Dick Slater 4/26 returned home from rehab, home concerns; parents of Susan Dunn

Janet Crockett Elson 4/26 leukemia; friend of Linda & Steve Klepinger

Emily Johnston 4/26 3 yr old had eye removed, waiting to receive new eye; by Sandra Gibbons

Kaden Hazen 4/24 finished stem cell transplants, back at Riley for side effects, prayers for relief; by Nancy Waggoner

Doctors/Nurses/First Responders/ for rest and rejuvenation & a cure to be found; by Linda & Steve Klepinger

Those suffering from COVID-19; by Susan Bryant

Chloeann Choate 4/15 2nd round of chemo started 4/23

Tony Howard 4/12 back surgery; by Allen Glassburn

Terry G 3/30 cancer diagnosis, pursuit of treatments, BIL of Deb Cannedy

Susan & John Dunn 3/15 both staying home to help each other

Mary Neff 2/2 cancer, chemo and radiation treatments are almost finished; by Roger Neff