Prayer List

Co-workers daughter made it home from Spain; by Sandra Hoffarth

John & Susan Dunn would like to thank all who sent cards and made calls to them.

Thanks to everyone for all your love and support. We've got quite a journey to go through and we know our Father is right there with us!! Chloeann & Frank Choate

Prayer List

All of our Mission Co-Workers:
All Africa, Bosela Eale; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; East Timor, Tom & Monica Liddle; Ecuador, Dustin Riebel; Ghana, Larry & Debbie Colvin; Greece, Fiyori Kidane; Guatamala, Ricardo Mayol; Haiti, Michelle McKay; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Indonesia, Karen Campbell-Nelson; Israel/Palestine, Victor & Sara Makari and Jeff & Janet Wright; Italy, Fiona Kendall; Jamaica, Rachel S. Pellett; Japan, Abigail Hernandez; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Lebanon, Nishan & Maria Bakalian; Lesotho, Danielle Knowles; Mexico, Elena Huegal; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph & Emmanuela Loccident; Nicaragua, Jeanette Salley; Puerto Rico, Raul F. Santiago Rivera; Swaziland, Kahala Cannon;

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Terry G 3/30 cancer diagnosis, pursuit of treatments, BIL of Bob Cannedy

Joan Haag 3/30 rehab after open heart surgery: by Judy Evans

Stuart Prawat 3/30 hospitalized with coronavirus

The Family of Scott Chadwick, died from coronavirus; by Christine Summe

Jacque Douglas's granddaughter 19 died, services were 3/30; by Patrick McTaggart

Chloeann Choate 3/24 had surgery for port, starting IV chemo 3/26

The family of Wayne Grube he died 3/24; by Letty McKee

Bella Simpson 3/24 MRI results back, decline in heart condition: granddaughter of Lori Simpson

Korigan Gibbons 3/23 throat biopsy was ok, now concerned with stomach; granddaughter of Sandra Gibbons

Linda Miller 3/23 dementia, in rehab: mother of Bill Miller

Emily Johnston 3/23 Riley removing 3yr olds eye checking for cancer; by Sandra Gibbons

Travel mercies for Mike & Dee Van Winkle & Joann Bowen & Kevin Lehman as they all travel home

Travel mercies for children traveling home from AZ; Steve Klepinger

Donald Ingle 3/22 final days; by Amanda Hooker

Prayers for all our family in Europe; by Judy Musgrave

Susan & John Dunn 3/15 both staying home to help each other

Emma Steward 3/12 heart valve replacement surgery 4/7, then soon will have mass removed from kidney; granddaughter of Dee Van Winkle

Leslie Bailey 3/8 quadruple bypass surgery 3/13; by Judy Musgrave

Billy Medina 3/8, had gall bladder surgery, testing tissue for cancer: great nephew of Letty McKee

Mary Kay Roberts 3/5 done with chemo, numbers look good, radiation for 5 weeks

Bette Slater 3/5 93 yrs old, fell, in rehab, dementia; mother of Susan Dunn

Roslyn Walsh 3/1 three yr old with tumors on kidney; by Angie Miller

Mary Ortman 10/24 blood pressure issues and other complications; mother of Kelly Ortman

Terry Koebcke 2/13 growth on pancreas & liver; by David Murphy

Mary Neff 2/2 cancer, chemo and radiation treatments are almost finished; by Roger Neff

Stacey Sylvester 2/2 stage 3 ovarian cancer; by Eve Overmars

Kaden Hazen 2/2 doing stem cell transplants, prayers for relief from side effects; by Nancy Waggoner

Rusty Stine 2/2 4 bypass heart surgery 2/5; by Edna Bedford

Serena daughter of co-worker 1/26 monitoring brain tumor; by Kim Enyart

Wilma 12/18 cancer; sister of Sandra Gibbons