Prayer List

Margaret Bryant released from doctor after colon surgery!

John Dunn recovering slowly from surgery and covid! Thanks for the prayers. Susan & John Dunn

Prayer List

All of our Mission Co-Workers:
All Africa, Bosela Eale; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; East Timor, Tom & MonicaLiddle; Ecuador, Marilyn Cooper; Egypt, Sean Amata; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ghana, Larry & Debbie Colvin; Greece, Fiyori Kidane; Guatamala, Ricardo Mayol; Haiti, Michelle McKay; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Indonesia, John & Karen Campbell-Nelson; Israel/Palestine, Victor & Sara Makari and Jeff & Janet Wright; Italy, Fiona Kendall; Jamaica, Rachel S. Pellett; Japan, Maria Abigail Hernandez; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Korea, Thomas Smith; Lebanon, Leda Zakarison; Lesotho, Danielle Murry-Knowles; Mexico, Cindy Moraga-Selva; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph & Emmanuela Loccident; Nicaragua, Ignacio Salinas; Philippines, Anderw Larsen; Puerto Rico, Raul F. Santiago-Rivera; Swaziland, Kahala Cannon; Thailand, Anne Gregory; Venezuela, Carmelo Alverez;

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Kaden Hazen 2/19 cancer in remission, starting a 2 yr maintenance trail in NC, lot of traveling for appointments, scans and medications; by Nancy Waggoner

Chloeann Choate 2/18 stopped cancer treatments, Hospice Care, prayers for Chloeann and Frank

Betty Gross 2/18 mass near her heart, test; by Madison Castro

Susan Burris 1/25 ICU, on ventilator, pneumonia, dialysis; sister of Deb Cannedy

Margaret Bryant 2/18 left foot is swollen

The family of Gail Hayden 2/14 she died 2/13; daughter-in-law of Dolores Hayden/sister of Arlene Hounshell

The family of Bert Chambers 2/14 she died 2/13; by Cheri Hogan

Jeff 2/14 hospitalized; uncle of Chelsey Emmons

Scott Davis 2/14 esophagus cancer; by Gayle Rodriguez

Barb Tullis 2/14 lung cancer; sister of Helen Enyart

David 2/12 car accident, in ICU, lost leg and lung issues; by Sandy Campbell

Rosemary Olson 2/12 stage 3 colon cancer, chemo for 3 months then radiation; mother of Dan Olson

Jane Boley 2/12 home with covid; sister of Amy Van Heyningen

Susan Hummel 2/10 cardiovascular problems; by Bill Gordon

Jamie Smith 2/10 MS, struggling to regain the use of her legs; by Cheri Hogan

Bonnie Long 2/8 leukemia, new treatment starting, chemo; sister of Jan Houlihan

Ken Hughes 2/4 home recovering; by Christina Hughes

Ben Whitfield 2/4 stroke, rehab center; by Helen Whitfield

Rebecca Bolinger 2/3 had surgery for breast cancer 2/3; co-worker of Amy Van Heyningen

Judy Shelton 2/3 no cancer, other health issues, running tests; by Pat Clary

Carol Barnett 2/3 stroke, Culver nursing home for rehab; by Pat Clary

David Gottschalk 1/31 home after artery bypass surgery on leg, having issues; son of Bob & Elaine Gottschalk

Wayne 1/31 Lou Gehrig's disease; by Allen Glassburn

Phyllis 1/31 going through cancer issues sister-in-law of Allen Glassburn

Dr. James Kolachek 1/24 dialysis; by Judy Musgrave

Melissa Belpedio 1/8 teacher at Columbia Elementary cancer spread through body; by Amy Van Heyningen

Florence Ingle 1/4 issue with allergic reaction, diagnosed also with congestive heart failure; grandmother of Brett Hooker

Rick Biggs 12/2 lung cancer, dementia, chemo; nephew of Jean Koch

Pray for our schools, students, & parents