Prayer List
$400.00 raised for Blessing Box from painting party.

Kim Enyart great time with grandkids.

Kelly Ortman 1/2 thyroid removed, no cancer

Darrell Tillis home, doing better after stroke  


Prayer List

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Our Missionary In Mexico, Jerri Handy

Our Missionary In Republic of Ecudaor, Marilyn Cooper

Our Missionary In Republic of Indonesia, John Campbell Nelson

Our Missionary in Columbia, Michael Joseph

Our Missionary in Thailand, Danielle Lee

Our Missionary in Botswana, Victoria Peagler

Our Missionary in Lebanon, Maria Bakalian

Our Missionary in Fiji, Nikeotemo Sopepa

Our Missionary in Ecuador, Mary Kathryn Ball
Cathy Ginther 12/2 not abscess, seeing infectious disease doctor 12/12

Allys Ramsey 12/2 hospitalized, complications from hysterectomy

The family of Cary Stephens who died; cousin of Steve Klepinger

Judy Miller had non-cancerous tumor Removed today

Mark Olinger 12/2 small infection, prosthetic fitting; son of Mary 

Chad Hooker 12/2 adding earthquake to struggling family issues; 
 brother of Brett Hooker

Matt Freeman 12/2 fell off railcar and broke back; by Amy Van 

Alan Wilson 12/2 prayers for wife's kidney donation to be approved; 
 grandson of Dick & Helen Enyart

Margaret Bryant 11/26 had surgery to remove bone spurs from back

David Tuttle 11/25 Life Care for treatments; by Jean Koch

Cheryl Ball 11/25 doing well after knee surgery

Carolyn Pennington 11/25 blood clot in leg, large hematoma on her 
 side; by Judy Musgrave

Pat Clary 11/20 eye pressure holding steady, will be a long recovery

Brad Biggs 11/20 ICU in California; nephew of Jean Koch

Michael Brooks 11/20 home, open heart surgery 11/21; father of Ella & 

Kay Payne 11/18 infection under control, long time to recover; by 
 Gayle Rodriguez

William Miller 11/18 late stage of ALS; uncle of Bill Miller

Laura Sullivan 11/11 heart attack/ episode; sister of Stacey Harsh

Vicki McIntire 11/11 stopping cancer treatments, Hospice; by Amanda 

Teri Bowers 11/11 cancer, needed to change medication;  
 daughter-in-law of Loie Bowers

Betty Madden 11/11 cancer & chemo, improving; by Allen Glassburn

Shannon Shepherd 11/7 health issues; daughter of Cathy & Dave Ginther

Tara Seuferer 10/28 chemo, in 2nd series of 6; by Judy Evans

April Pope 10/28 lung cancer; stepmother of Jennifer Hughey

Donna Bennett 10/28 lung cancer; in rehab center; mother of Stacey 

Brian Hooker 10/24 brain tumor

Darla Clary 10/17 pancreatic cancer has spread; niece of Pat Clary

Dolores Hayden 10/14  pain in back & leg; mother of Melinda Burkett

Lisa Martin 9/23 bladder cancer; great niece of Judy Musgrave

Chloeann Choate 7/19 continuing challenges of cancer