Prayer List

Jackson had surgery at Riley 12/18, doing well; grandson of Jacque Douglas

Jesus del Pino Arriero home. Raquel back in Oklahoma, was able to see him on a video call Raquel said it seemed like a dream come true! He still has a long way to go in his recovery, as he will be needing physical therapy to regain full use of his body. He can walk slowly with a walker. The family said that the fact our church was praying for him was a tremendous help to them. Once again they want to thank everyone praying for him. Thank you for your continued prayers for his full recovery.

Prayer List

All of our Mission Co-Workers:
All Africa, Bosela Eale; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; East Timor, Tom & MonicaLiddle; Ecuador, Marilyn Cooper; Egypt, Sean Amata; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ghana, Larry & Debbie Colvin; Greece, Fiyori Kidane; Guatamala, Ricardo Mayol; Haiti, Michelle McKay; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Indonesia, John & Karen Campbell-Nelson; Israel/Palestine, Victor & Sara Makari and Jeff & Janet Wright; Italy, Fiona Kendall; Jamaica, Rachel S. Pellett; Japan, Abigail Hernandez; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Korea, Thomas Smith; Lebanon, Maria Bakalian; Lesotho, Danielle Murry-Knowles; Mexico, Cindy Moraga-Selva; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph & Emmanuela Loccident; Nicaragua, Ignacio Salinas; Philippines, Anderw Larsen; Puerto Rico, Raul F. Santiago-Rivera; Swaziland, Kahala Cannon; Thailand, Anne Gregory; Venezuela, Carmelo Alverez;

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Margaret Bryant 1/11 had colon surgery, home and improving

Raquel Musgrave 1/11 endoscopy today for stomach problems; by Judy Musgrave

Judy Shelton 1/10 cancer; by Pat Clary

Carol Barnett 1/10 stroke, doing therapy; by Pat Clary

Kassie Koch 1/10 covid & bronchitis; daughter of Joe Koch

Hannah Klepinger 1/10 covid; daughter-in-law of Steve Klepinger

David Gottschalk 1/10 artery bypass surgery on leg on 1/20 South Bend; son of Bob & Elaine Gottschalk

Deana Gottschalk 1/10 breast cancer surgery 1/13 in Elkhart; daughter-in- law of Bob & Elaine Gottschalk

Melissa Delpedio 1/8 teacher at Columbia Elementary starting breast cancer treatments; by Amy Van Heyningen

The family of Everett Elkins, he died 1/5; by Carolyn Smith

Susan Burris 1/4 ICU on ventilator, dialysis started 12/28; sister of Deb Cannedy

Florence Ingle 1/4 issue with allergic reaction, diagnosed also with congestive heart failure; grandmother of Brett Hooker

The family of Ethel May Overton, she died 12/30; Aunt of Doug Morton

Sheri Dunn 12/27 has been seriously ill with Covid, slowly improving; Daughter of John Dunn

Eldonna Blacketor 12/27 cellulitis; by Becki Gray

Chloeann Choate 12/20 cancer has spread, prayers for comfort

Daniel Gregory 12/6 right lower lung nodule, tests; by Jeannie Gregory

Rick Biggs 12/2 lung cancer, dementia, chemo; nephew of Jean Koch

Bonnie Long 11/22 Leukemia, started treatments; sister of Jan Houlihan

Gene Powell 11/8 terminal lung cancer; by John Overmars Kaden Hazen 11/4 in hospital for round 4 immunotherapy; by Nancy Waggoner

Kaden Hazen 11/4 in hospital for round 4 immunotherapy; by Nancy Waggoner

Dr. James Kolachek 10/28 cancer: by Judy Musgrave

Shawn Ramsay 8/23 throat cancer, started treatments; son-in-law of Susan Dunn

Rebecca Bolinger 8/6 breast cancer; co-worker of Amy Van Heyningen

Barb Tullis 8/6 lung cancer; sister of Helen Enyart

Pray for our schools, students, & parents