Prayer List

Fiona, Susan & Emma Young & Brody Evans for their hard work cleaning up the landscaping!

Mick Evans grandson was okay after automobile accident.

Prayer List

All of our Missionaries:
Mexico, Cindy Moraga; Fiji, Nikeotemo Sopepa; Philippines, Eleazar Fernandez; Greece, Kearstin Bailey Republic of Ecudaor, Marilyn Cooper; Republic of Indonesia, John Campbell-Nelson; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Thailand, Anne Gregory; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Lebanon, Nishan Bakalian; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ecuador, Mary Kathryn Ball; Kenya, Phyllis Byrd; Ghana, Deborah Colvin; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; Sierra Leone, Nia Sullivan; Nicaragua, Jeanette Salley; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Israel/Palestine, Victor Makari; East Timor, Monica Riddle; Zambia, Charon Breckenridge; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph; Japan, Jeffrey Mensendiek; Micronesia, Rosie Mcardle; El Salvador, Violeta Rocha; Venezuela, Carmelo Alverez

CHURCH FAMILY *Key: Person's name (description; who submitted request).

Mary Stewart Lymdaman 8/18 hip replacement surgery: By Susan Dunn

Emily Hughes 8/20 sports injury, in boot

Ruth Bohs 9/20 having shoulder replacement: by Jan Houlihan

The family of Barb Wynn who died 8/2

Shelby Allen and Kelly Ortman grieving the loss of Grandpa Allen

Matt Harsh family as they adjust to a new foreign exchange student

Tammy Townsend 8/18 home, but still has some blood clots; niece of Georgia Townsend

Mary Kay Roberts 8/11 breast cancer, seeing a cancer specialist

Stan Robson's wife now has Hospice Care; sister-in-law of Lori Shewman

Dave & Trinity Lease as they take care of parents; by Marvin Murphy

Shane great grandson of Susan Keyser Sheane 8/11 has Miller Diekers a chromosome deletion syndrome; by Judy Evans

Teri Bowers 8/8 new cancer treatments; daughter-in-law of Loie Bowers

Chloeann Choate 8/8 new medication continues to reduce cancer numbers.

Jonathan Arndt 8/8 brain tumor, having more tests; by Ted Waggoner

Shayley Strasser 8/4 brain tumor, Scan 8/20, going back to school half days, Caston student; by Angie Miller

Darla Greer 8/4 Hospice care; by Sandra Hoffarth

Kadan Hazen 7/30 2yr old with a neuro blastoma cancer, transferred to Chicago for treatment, now also has sepsis; by Nancy Waggoner

Alan Wilson 7/28 will be receiving wife's kidney on 8/28; grandson of Dick & Helen Enyart

Continued prayers for Pastor Mike while on sabbatical.

Adoption process slowed by 6 months; by Sandra Hoffarth

Robbie Payne 7/28 home; prayers he can take care of himself; by Gayle Rodriguez

Deb Powell 7/28 breast cancer, having double mastectomy 7/30, lives behind church; by Judy Evans

Betty Madden 7/28 having cancer treatments, spirits are high; by Alan Glassburn

Shirley Martinson 7/28 fell at General Assembly, 2-3 week recovery; by Eve Overmars

James Morisi 6/9 liver cancer, waiting for transplant; by Eve Overmars