Prayer List

Kara Choate sold her home, burden has been lifted; daughter of Frank Choate

Prayer List

All of our Mission Co-Workers:
All Africa, Bosela Eale; Botswana, Victoria Peagler; Columbia, Michael Joseph; Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Turner; East Timor, Tom & Monica Liddle; Ecuador, Marilyn Cooper; Germany, Rosalind Gnatt; Ghana, Larry & Debbie Colvin; Greece, Fiyori Kidane; Guatamala, Ricardo Mayol; Haiti, Michelle McKay; Hong Kong, Judy Chan; Hungary, Priscilla Yang; Indonesia, Karen Campbell-Nelson; Israel/Palestine, Victor & Sara Makari and Jeff & Janet Wright; Italy, Fiona Kendall; Jamaica, Rachel S. Pellett; Japan, Abigail Hernandez; Kenya, Bosela Eale; Korea, Thomas Smith; Lebanon, Leda Zararison; Lesotho, Danielle Knowles; Mexico, Cindy Moraga-Selva; Morocco, Fitz-Gerald Joseph & Emmanuela Loccident; Nicaragua, Violeta Rocha; Philippines, Eleazar Fernandez; Puerto Rico, Raul F. Santiago Rivera; Swaziland, Kahala Cannon; Thailand, Anne Gregory;

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Maurice Grayson 8/9 fell, hospitalized, bleeding on the brain; Uncle of Amy Van Heyningen

Rebecca Bolinger 8/6 breast cancer; co-worker of Amy Van Heyningen

Linda Miller 8/6 nursing home, outside visits only, dementia; mother of Bill Miller

Aaron Patterson 8/6 accident, SB Memorial ICU. Aaron's autism makes the stay more challenging; by Allen Glassburn

Kelly Mills 8/6 suffered stroke; daughter of Jim & Doris Wilber who lives in Mexico

Barb Tullis 8/6 lung cancer; sister of Helen Enyart

7/6 Olive Bethel Church 8/6 burned to the ground; by Sandra Campbell

Bette Slater 8/2 rehabbing at Catherine Kasper Nursing facility, 93 year old mother of Susan Dunn

Rick Baber 8/2 Covid; by Dave Lease

Gerry Allen 7/31 needs neck surgery, needs carotid artery surgery first, prayers for him and wife Penny; by Liz Robinson

The Family of Mary Margaret Neff, she died 7/28

Rick Biggs 7/27 lung cancer; nephew of Jean Koch

Chloeann Choate 7/24 chemo is continuing, slight spread of cancer

Janet Crockett Elson 7/24 leukemia; stem cell transplant 8/26; by Linda & Steve Klepinger

Josh Enyart 7/25 stage 4 lung cancer, son of Randy & Kay Gundrum; by Cathy Ginther

Cheri Hogan 7/20 fell broke her arm

Rosemary Kumfer 7/16 stroke, In nursing facility; mother of Joyce Jefferies

Pat Wilber 7/15 no surgery, family unable to visit; mother of Amy Bode

Dr. James Koachek 7/15 home with dialysis, surgery soon; by Judy Musgrave

Pray for our schools, students, & parents as plans are shared & family decisions are made about re-entering schools; by Angie Miller

Kaden Hazen 6/28 back and forth from Riley to home, multiple issues with organs and side effects of treatments. Waiting on scans and future treatment plans; by Nancy Waggoner

Eldonna Blacketor 6/7 beginning harsh cancer drug as last hope in treatment; Aunt of Becki Gray

Melinda Moyer 5/31 breast cancer; by Judy Miller

Little Lambs 5/10 continued prayers for safety as community opens up and more children return; by Erin Owens